Testimonials Rolling Green Village Retirement Community

Senior Living Testimonials

Resident perspectives straight from the heart.

Scenic Location

"It's just very pleasant to drive in – coming off the highway you instantly breathe easier. It gives you a very good feeling. It's nice to go out and look at the lake and just feel relaxed." - Resident
"Surrounded by green fields, lakes and trees, it’s very peaceful. Yet downtown Greenville is just minutes away. This really is a diamond in the rough." - Resident

Relaxing Environment

"After we had been here for a while, a gentleman came in. He was obviously new, and I asked if he would like to join us for dinner. I said, ‘Well what brought you to Rolling Green?’ He said, ‘Well, I’ve been looking all around, and this was the first place I walked into where I saw everybody smiling." - Resident
"Here, we get to be who we are. We can relax. We don’t have to dress for dinner or make reservations. I think at this stage of the game, it’s nice to be comfortable." - Resident

Carefree Lifestyle

"In regard to my dad’s experience, he truly has had an incredibly smooth and uneventful transition – this is especially remarkable given the unique circumstances and protocols in place due to Covid. Of particular note is his satisfaction with the food. He simply can’t get over the fact that he can order anything on the menu at mealtime. He specifically referenced having shrimp cocktail for breakfast one morning. Certainly wouldn’t be my choice for breakfast…but he was elated. Please express our thanks to the staff. The only person we interact with is Denise at the desk – she is consistently delightful. If her attitude and service are representative of the rest of your staff, we can certainly understand why he has had such a positive experience." - Resident
"I came to the realization that as a woman living here in an apartment, I’m finally retired. I don’t cook. I don’t clean. It’s nice. My husband may have been retired for a while, but now I’m finally retired." - Resident
"My grandson asked if this was a place where rich people come to grow old. I said no, it’s where older people come to really live!" - Resident

Continuum of Care

"My mother was referred to a different community after treatment for a stroke, but it wasn’t a good fit. The staff at Rolling Green Village really care. They welcome family members with open arms. There is no better place to put a loved one." - Family member of skilled nursing resident
"We’re here to take care of residents, but we’re also caring for their families. It’s them knowing, ‘I know that she cares about mom just as much as I do." - Staff member
“My 40 years of professional work developing, managing and evaluating non-profit agencies gives me an eye for quality. I see it here. Non-profits are different – not returning profits to outside investors but returning success to the community itself. I also place a value on true commitment and compassion. I see it here. All the staff that I’ve encountered here at Rolling Green Village have been dedicated and caring people.” - Cynthia Bremer, future Cottage 7

Caring Staff

"There was not one person on New Year's Eve that did not feel valued, loved and cared for! What an incalculable asset Joey, your Dining Room Manager, is to your organization." - Resident
"Your whole team has made this move wonderful so far! Mom has had compassionate care from nurses like Dave & Cruse in Rehab, and from Jim and the other therapists. Karalee and Denesha and the transition group have answered all our questions and worked with us to adjust according to our schedules. And now Mom feels right at home after meeting Janay, Kristy, Maggie and Shay in the Cedars. What a team!! We are grateful for you all. Grace & Peace to you as we continue Mom’s journey together." - Family of Assisted Living Resident