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Why Choose an Over 55 Community?

“Senior living is only for ‘old’ people.” “I’ll lose my independence.” “There’s nothing to do.”  Have you heard these common misperceptions? If your only experience with retirement communities was decades …

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What are the Benefits of a Life Plan Community?

Along with all the excitement retirement brings, you may find yourself worrying about what the future holds. That’s normal and natural. Before retirement, you probably had family and career responsibilities …

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Why Seniors Should Consider Volunteering

Millions of seniors are freely giving their time and skills to good causes all over the country. Organizations and programs that depend on the help of others welcome all volunteers, …

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Nine Unique Hobbies for Seniors

Having free time to explore your interests, try something new, and spend time doing what you enjoy is what makes your retirement so exciting. While you’re basking in the glory …

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Letter to Residents and Family Representatives

5/11/23 Dear Residents and family representatives, You are receiving this notification due to a new Federal regulations which requires us to notify residents, resident representatives and families of any single …

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7 Tips for Moving to Senior Living

Ready to take your retirement to the next level? Look no further than senior living at Rolling Green Village. Our community is bursting with energy, friendship, and endless opportunities to …

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